How to Create Compelling Content for Your Blog to Drive Readership and...

How to Create Compelling Content for Your Blog to Drive Readership and Engagement

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Content is king – this is a well-known phrase in the marketing world. As much as it is used and as often as you hear it, the simple fact is that it is true. Engaging and compelling content is going to attract readers, increase shares and help you rank better in search engines (seo). So now the big question is: How do you create this awesome content? Use these steps to create content that is fabulous:

Make Sure it is Interesting
A potential customer is going to visit your site for a specific reason. If you really want to keep them there, you need to ensure that your content engages them right away, otherwise they will move on. Some things to include are creative graphics, high resolution images and copy that is well-written and easy to read.

Keep it Short and Sweet
When someone visits your page you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. This means that your content needs to be short, sweet and meaningful. You can do this by:

  • Using small paragraphs (no more than three to four sentences each);
  • Use bullet points (makes the content easy to scan);
  • Use clear headings.

Use a Call to Action
Your call to action is going to tell your readers what you want them to do. You cannot assume they will take the action that you desire; therefore, you need to tell them in your call to action.

Keep Your Content New and Fresh
You should write new content regularly; no one wants to visit a website that never updates what they have to say. This will make you quickly lose readership on your site.

Apps to Help with Content Engagement
Since great content is essential for your site, you need to ensure that it is there. There are a number of apps that can be used to help increase your readers and engagement with what you have to say. Some of the most popular apps for helping with your content creation and engagement are highlighted here.

This is an app for the iPhone that allows you to create customized posts for what you offer using price, location, description and a photo. You can then share the post with Twitter, Facebook and SMS. You can also integrate your content with PayPal so that your customers are able to purchase the product within the post that you create.

Use of Content Teasers
If you write something that is truly phenomenal, then you need to use content teasers on sites such as Linkedin and Facebook. This can give your friends and followers a glimpse and wet their appetite for more.

You can also ask other bloggers that you have developed relationships with to mention what you have written. This is a great way to reach a new audience.

Keep in mind, if you develop great content, no one will ever see or read it unless you take steps to “get it out there.” Using the steps here you can create and then spread the word about your content to ensure that your site and content is see by as big of an audience as possible.

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