Best Social Networking Communities for Children

Best Social Networking Communities for Children

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Social media is not only affecting the lives of the adults but also the kids who are starting to learn using different mobile gadgets and are exposed to different social activities done online. They are not only exposed to people who are using the same site or network with the same age but also to people with both good and bad intentions. But thanks to the various social sites that are made exclusively for the use of kids, parents will no longer have to worry about the things that their children can learn from other social sites.
So for parents who are searching for the best online community for kids, then the following are the best sites rated to be safe and secured by parents for their children:

It is an award-winning site that is also called as a “social looping platform” since it makes a privacy loop within kids’ interests, may be it music, sports or jokes. Through the platform, kids are allowed to add friends and engage with many other kids online. These are all possible provided that parents always monitor these activities with the use of their own accounts built for monitoring. The use of the platform is for free and is best for teens.

This site is requiring parents to undergo a complete background check before their child’s account is verified. Upon verification, kids will be able to create “spheres” and their personal blogs that tackle their different interests like online games, sports, and TV shows. It can be used by children aging 18 years old and below.
It is a Disney-owned website that is widely known and popular among kids. The social networking site is charging $5 per month for a membership fee or depending with the plan you may choose for your kids. Instead of using the real images of kids using certain accounts, penguin avatars are being used for this purpose. Kids can earn money virtually through the games they play and be able to dress and customize the look of their penguins. The virtual money will also allow them to decorate the igloos of their penguins. Through “buddy invite”, kids can invite other penguins for visiting their igloos and even chat with using parents’ predetermined phrases unless they are allowed for chatting freely. Though it is a community for kids, they can snub penguins they dislike and still use the site continuously. It is available to be used by children in all ages.

This is a free social site that lets children aging 9 to 14 to connect with their friends in regards to different topics like celeb news, games and advice columns. Boards, blogs and other ways of connecting are moderated completely to ensure security and safety of children.

Giant Hello
Though it is compared with Facebook, this site is focused on allowing children to play social games along other features such as status updates, profile pages, uploads and more. Whenever children are about to put personal information, parental approval is requested first. Furthermore, kids are only allowed to invite friends via email, personally delivered printed codes or through any mutual friends.

With these social networking services, you and other parents are aware of the safe online communities where you can let your children socialize with kids their age.

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